The Reference Chart for the Michigan Condominium Act was created to assist viewers in finding some sections a little more easily.  It is not a comprehensive summary. If you don't find a reference on these charts to what you are looking for, then you should read the entire Act.  The relationship of the Act and the Administrative Rules to the governing documents of your association is a complicated legal issue and should be discussed with a knowledgeable attorney.


Michigan Condominium Act

Michigan Condominium Act Administrative Rules

Reference Chart for Michigan Condominium Act

Michigan Nonprofit Corporation Act (opens a PDF file from the State web site)


Reference Chart for Michigan Condominium Act

To view the Michigan Condominium Act                  Download the Michigan Condominium Act in PDF form

To view the Administrative Rules                   Download the Administrative Rules in PDF form

Condominium Buyers Handbook (MS Word Doc)                          State Website Link

Michigan does not have an act governing homeowner or property owner associations

NOTE: The Michigan Department of Labor & Economic Growth no longer has authority to enforce the provisions of the Condominium Act or the Administrative Rules. The remaining responsibilities of the Department are:  

  • to create the Condominium Buyers Handbook,

  • to forward complaints to the developer, and

  • to provide the complainant with information on the remedies that are available to them through the Condominium Act.

Reference Chart  

Association           (For Owners, Buyers, Sellers  or  Developers)

Item View Section of Act View Admin Rule(s)
Service and management contracts signed by the developer may be voided after transition (conditional) Sec. 55  
Owners with disabilities- modifications Sec. 47a  
The association must provide a financial statement to each owner at least once per year Sec. 54(5)  
The books, records and contracts of the association may be viewed by an owner Sec. 57 505
The books of the association shall be independently audited or reviewed annually.  The audit does not have to be certified Sec. 57 504
The association shall keep current copies of the master deed, all amendments to the master deed, and other condominium documents available at reasonable hours to co-owners, prospective purchasers, and prospective mortgagees of condominium units. Sec. 68  
Amending documents Sec. 90(2, 4-8) Sec. 91  
Voting procedures Sec. 90a  
An association must maintain capital repair and replacement reserves Sec. 105 511
What the association may do if an owner is in default of their assessments or in violation of the documents Sec. 106 512, 514
Action an association may take to collect assessments including liens and foreclosure Sec. 108 514
Renting or leasing a unit Sec. 112 515
Special assessments and property taxes Sec. 131  
The association is required to carry specific insurance coverage (as a minimum)   508

Owners, Buyers, Sellers

Item View Section View Admin Rule(s)
An owner may make improvements to interior with limitations Sec. 47 509
Disabilities - in addition to Fair Housing requirements, the Condo Act provides some guidelines Sec. 47a  
Each owner should receive at least one (1) financial statement from the association per year Sec. 54(5)  
An owner may display an American flag on the exterior of a unit Sec. 56a  
An owner may review the books, records and contracts of the association Sec. 57 505
Each owner has exclusive right to their unit and to use of the common areas Sec. 63  
Each unit owner, tenant, or occupant shall comply with the master deed, bylaws, and rules Sec. 65 510
An owner is required to pay their allocated share of common expenses and cannot offset that by claiming not to use the common areas or abandoning the unit Sec. 69  
If an owner is in default of the assessments or in violation of the bylaws, the association may take action(s) Sec. 106 512
Actions an owner may take to enforce the condominium documents Sec. 107  
At the time of sale, if the owner is in default to the association, shall be paid out of the sale price or by the purchaser in preference over any other assessments or charges except the following: taxes, first mortgage Sec. 111  
Renting or leasing a unit Sec. 112 515
An owner may not claim that the association has not provided service(s) as a reason for not paying assessments Sec. 139  


Item View Section View Admin Rule(s)
Creation of owner advisory committee; transition to owner control Sec. 52  
First time sale of unit (new construction or conversion) requires a disclosure booklet be provided to purchaser   901-903
Other materials that must be provided to a first-time purchaser Sec. 84a  
Ability to amend documents after filing Sec. 90  
Conversion project - notice to tenants; termination of tenancy Sec. 104  
The association is required to set aside capital repair and replacement reserves, even while the developer is in control Sec. 105 511