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Weather Alert!

The Meisner Law Group, P.C. is ready, willing and able to assist Associations, companies or individuals regarding any damage or problems related to the recent flooding in Southeast Michigan.  If you or someone you know requires assistance, please contact our office for professional legal advice.  

Michigan Condo & HOA Law

The Meisner Law Group, P.C., celebrating over 35  years of dedicated service to Michigan residents, is a law firm headquartered in Bingham Farms, Michigan, that concentrates in Community Association Law.  The firm represents condominiums, subdivisions, cooperative communities, developers, businesses, corporations, limited liability companies, and individuals. 

The firm is led by Robert M. Meisner, a practicing attorney for over 40  years, as well as a former adjunct professor of Community Association Law at Cooley Law School and MSU College of Law.  Robert M. Meisner has been nationally recognized as one of the premier community association lawyers in Michigan with more than 35  years of experience teaching seminars and classes statewide and nationally, as well as writing prolifically in newspapers and specialty publications.

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For years, on behalf of our clients, we have been holding foreclosing banks accountable for payment of assessments from the date of the sheriff sale forward.  The banks , on the other hand, liked to argue that their responsibility for payment of assessments did not begin until the date the redemption period expired.  At issue – six months of assessments, which for some condominium associations translates to  thousands of dollars.  The Michigan Court of Appeals, in a well-reasoned opinion, has just ruled in favor of condominium associations, making it established law that a foreclosing bank’s responsibility to pay assessments (when the Co-owner does not redeem) begins on the date of the sheriff sale and not on the date the redemption period expires.  The banks do not like it, but now it is the law and condominium associations will reap the benefit in all such cases of collecting six months of assessments, which may have otherwise been left unpaid.  See full appellate court opinion attached. 

Robert Meisner Selected for

"Leaders in the Law"

The Meisner Law Group, P.C. wishes to congratulate Bob Meisner for being selected as one of only 30 lawyers in Michigan to the 2014 "Leaders in the Law."

“The 2014 Leaders are attorneys who are changing the law, expanding access to justice and improving the profession and their communities. They are the Lawyers in Michigan setting the example for other Lawyers.”
Michigan Lawyers Weekly; February 17, 2014

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Local Condo Guru Releases New Book

To view the contents on follow this link

' Condo Living 2: The Authoritative Guide to Buying, Selling and.......'

To view the contents on follow this link

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Assessments/Maintenance Dues Collected for Condo/HOA Associations

New Version of "Condo Living: The Authoritative Guide to Buying, Selling and Operating a Condominium

 Momentum Books, L.L.C. has just published Condo Living 2: An Authoritative Guide to Buying, Selling, and Operating a Condominium, the sequel to the popular first book authored by renowned Michigan condominium specialist and nationally known attorney, Robert M. Meisner, Esq.      When it comes to understanding the legal rights of condominium owners, as well as the dynamics of condo association boards, nobody knows condos like Robert M. Meisner!  Meisner shares his wit and wisdom accumulated from more than 40 years of practicing community association law. At $24.95, this 262 page book contains 18 information packed Chapters, is filled with stories from the trenches of condominium operation, humorous tongue and check recitations via “Meisner’s Maxims,” a collection of published condominium and real estate newspaper columns, and it includes many anecdotes from Bailley and Joyleih, the legal beagle dogs at The Meisner Law Group, P.C.     Robert M. Meisner is the founding member of The Meisner Law Group, P.C. He holds the distinction of being Michigan’s first inductee into the CAI College of Community Association Lawyers.  Meisner was selected as a top Michigan Super Lawyer for the past four years: 2009, 2010, 2011 & 2012, has been a featured columnist for over 35 years with the Observer and Eccentric Newspapers and a former adjunct professor at Cooley Law School and MSU College of Law.  He holds a B.A. from the University of Michigan and a J.D. from the University of Michigan Law School.   Condo Living 2 is available in both print and e-book editions. The e-book is available for download through iTunes,, and  To order your print copy, see bookstores, contact or call 800-758-1870, or contact The Meisner Law Group, P.C. at  or (248) 644-4433. 

See Resource Page for full audio of WXYT interview

News Flash


We have earned the respect of the “mega” law firms for our reputation and work product which has afforded our clients considerable cost savings.

If you are concerned about the stability or continuity of your law firm or its lawyers, keep in mind that our firm has been established since the 1970’s and has always been here for its clients.  We are also proud to have represented many of our clients continuously since as early as 1975.

The Meisner Law Group, P.C. has reduced certain flat fees made possible through technological advances with which this firm endeavors to constantly keep up. Contact us if you would like more information.


 Are you frustrated in that the present attorney for the Association does not give your Board or you an adequate explanation of the status of certain collection matters or you cannot get a prompt return phone call from the attorney for the Association who is presumably seeking to collect assessments or enforce the rules and regulations?

That will not happen with The Meisner Law Group, P.C.  Nor will you go months without getting a status report as our firm strives to keep up to date on every collection and Bylaw enforcement matter that our office is handling by having periodic status meetings for all of the attorneys and paralegals assisting our clients on these various matters.  In fact, if there is ever a time when you have not been able to get hold of the attorney or paralegal assisting you and/or your Association client, Bob Meisner will be happy to take your call on his cell phone no matter where he is or what time you are calling. No kidding!


“Why not have Michigan’s recognized expert in Community Association Law as your Facilitator-Mediator to resolve your disputes be it construction defects, by-law enforcement or any other Community Association problem. Contact Robert M. Meisner at The Meisner Law Group, P.C., certified mediator in Oakland County, adjunct professor of law in Community Association and Condominium Law, columnist, realtor, member of College of Community Association Lawyers, author and practicing attorney of over forty years.”

Office Expansion

We are pleased to announce that thanks to many of you, we are substantially expanding our offices and facilities which will allow us to become even more efficient and accessible to our clients and friends. The expansion should be concluded within a month or so and we will have a celebration opening event in the near future.  We will continue to strive to provide our clients with the best possible representation at affordable prices with the maximum results achieved as our great effort and skill can obtain.


Keatington New Town Association located in Lake Orion, Michigan has been a client of this firm on a continuing basis since 1975.  Keatington is a 350 unit condominium which has an administrator and various personnel staff assisting in the operation and maintenance of the Association and the project.  Keatington is a well run and well organized association which has dealt with its legal issues over the years in a constructive and efficient fashion.  We salute Keatington New Town Association for the continuity which it has provided in managing it affairs and its attendant loyalty to this firm.


The The Meisner Law Group, P.C. legal team is acutely familiar with the new 2009 FHA eligibility requirements and is ready to assist your Association in its endeavors to help you attempt to achieve the desired FHA approval and/or re-certification for your Condominium Project.  We can present your Association with a proposal concerning the legal work needed and a quotation for the legal services to be provided.  Please contact our office if you wish to retain our legal services or if you wish to discuss this important undertaking further.


The 2009 FHA certification requirements have made it more imperative than ever that delinquent assessments be aggressively pursued so that the overall delinquencies which are more than thirty (30) days overdue at a Condominium Association do not exceed fifteen percent (15%). The collection team at The Meisner Law Group, P.C. is aggressive, innovative in its collection techniques and remedies, has an excellent success rate and history, is well recognized by the courts as an authority in Community Association Law, and we are ready and available with adequate personnel to serve you.  Please contact us for a proposal including our flat fees and hourly rate schedules.




Telephone: (248) 644-4433  

Toll-free:   (800) 470-4433


U of M
The University of Michigan is in the top ten best law schools in the country garnering the 9th position. As a graduate of the University of Michigan and University of Michigan Law School, Bob Meisner has always strived to achieve the academic and professional goals associated with the University of Michigan.

Bob Meisner interviewed on "Ask the Lawyer" (Grand Rapids)

Part 1

Part 2

With the real estate market turning around and more people interested in buying a Condominium, the need is even more imperative that they have an opportunity to fully examine the issues paramount in considering the purchase of a Condominium and which Condominium to purchase.  Condo Living 2 : The Authoritative Guide to Buying, Owning and Selling a Condo is even more important to examine in this troubled economy, for speculators abound along with half completed Condominium Developments.  Learn how you can avoid the pitfalls of buying a pig in the poke by reading Condo Living 2: The Authoritative Guide to Buying, Owning and Selling a Condo which you can order through this website.

Condo Living 2 is available in both print and e-book editions. The e-book is available for download through iTunes,, and barnesandnoble.comTo order your print copy, see bookstores, contact or call 800-758-1870, or contact The Meisner Law Group, P.C. at  or (248) 644-4433.

Condo Living 2

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Super Lawyers

The Meisner Law Group, P.C. announces ROBERT M. MEISNER’S 2014 selection for the fourth year as a Super Lawyer in the State of Michigan. 

We'd also like to announce that KEVIN HIRZEL has also beenselected as a Super Lawyer

Robert M. Meisner has been elected to the Board of Directors of Bay Shore Place at Park Shore Condominium Association in Naples, Florida.  They will be able to use his nearly forty  (40) years of experience in assisting in its management and operational affairs and, of course, his expertise in any legal matters that come before the Board.

Upcoming Seminars & Events

Retired Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor recently spoke at Wayne State University Law School forum, sponsored by the Michigan Judicial Selection Task Force

“We endorse the Guest Commentary of former U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Conner. "